Equipping Your Kitchen

Now it’s simpler than ever to get dinner off your mind and onto your plate with these helpful kitchen tools.

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Large Pan

by All-Clad

Perfect for browning large quantities of meat and veggies, pan roasting whole chickens, and reducing sauces.

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Medium Pan

by All-Clad

Equally essential as a large pan for proteins and sauces – invest in a medium-sized oven-safe pan to easily move from stovetop searing to the oven.

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Cast-Iron Skillet

by Lodge

The best bet for searing, stir frying, roasting, and transitioning seamlessly from stove to oven.

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8" All-Purpose Chef’s Knife

by Misen

The most versatile tool in your kitchen, used for daily chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing.

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Paring Knife

by Zwilling J.A. Henckels

For small, decisive tasks like slicing, trimming, and peeling fruits and veggies.

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Serrated Knife

by Victorinox

Excellent for slicing fresh baked bread and tomatoes without tearing.

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Cutting Board

by Stanton

We recommend having at least two cutting boards in your arsenal for safety reasons – one dedicated to meats, one dedicated to vegetables.

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Mixing Bowls

by ChefLand

Start with a small and a medium bowl. Having two bowls is important for preventing cross-contamination when you’re mixing meat in one bowl and vegetables in the other.

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Baking Sheet

by Vollrath

Roasting, toasting, and baking call for every kitchen to have 2-3 baking sheets. Grab a roll of aluminum foil or parchment (not waxed!) paper to make cleanup easy.

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by ColanderPro

A colander tackles big jobs, like draining pastas and canned beans.

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Meat Tenderizer

by OXO

Breaks down tough fibers and pounds chicken and veal into uniformly thick cutlets.

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Potato Masher

by KitchenAid

As the name implies, makes for the creamiest, dreamiest mashed potatoes.

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by Microplane

We use a microplane to capture the flavorful zest of citrus fruits (just avoid the bitter white pith!), but you can also use it for grating ginger, garlic, and hard cheeses.

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Wire-Mesh Strainer

by Cuisinart

A wire-mesh strainer or sifter is ideal for tasks that require a finer filter.

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by Kuhn Rikon

It’s not just for taking the skin off produce - you can make ribbons and noodles out of carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, and countless other vegetables.

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Meat Thermometer

by Taylor Precision

Take the guesswork out of safely cooking proteins. Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the protein. We recommend the instant-read variety with a large, easy to read display.

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Kosher Salt

by Diamond Crystal

Course and easy to pinch, this chef’s favorite is perfect for seasoning to taste.

Https%3a%2f%2fwww.homechef.com%2fassets%2fkitchenware%2folive oil 98d31aced5cd73cb8ea72a21ede9c4dfcefc93191ad57a8863519292bd884f65.jpg?ixlib=rails 1.1

Cooking Oil

by Frantonia Barbera

Buy a quality extra virgin olive oil or more neutral-flavored canola oil for higher temperatures. A non-stick cooking spray comes in handy for baking and grilling recipes.