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Home Chef delivers everything you need to bring more delicious meals and moments to the table. Meals starting at $7.99 per serving.

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How it Works

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Once you sign up, you can customize your delivery dates and easily skip weeks within your account.

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Meals rotate weekly and you can mix and match to fit your preference.

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Easy-to-follow recipe cards and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, delivered directly to you.

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Effortlessly create and plate delicious meals in about 30 minutes.

Chefs at Home

Our customers are cooking up delightful dishes with Home Chef.
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Make Dinner Happen

Get dinner off your mind and onto your plate.

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We’re looking forward to joining
The Kroger Family of Companies!

We will continue to offer the home delivery meal kits that our customers love. In addition, after the deal is closed, Home Chef meals will soon be available at Kroger stores.

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