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This one goes out to all of our veggie friends! We offer at least three vegetarian options per week, so you will not be going hungry! With savory options such as lasagna bianca and Mexican street corn flatbread, you’ll prepare your tastebuds for a total plant-based culinary experience when you order Home Chef Meal Delivery.

Without Nuts

If you’re nuts about recipes that exclude nuts, you have come to the right place. From our coffee-rubbed pork tenderloin to our crispy dijon chicken, you can chow down worry-free on eats that will leave your friends peanut butter and jealous when you order our meal delivery service.


Ah, chicken. A classic for a reason! You’ll enjoy all the many iterations of this dinner staple from the jazzed up tang of goat cheese-crusted chicken to the down home comforts of our chicken pot pie. Maybe turkey is your bird of choice? We’ve got you covered with dishes such as Thai turkey lettuce wraps and the BBQ turkey burger. These birds may not fly, but you can get our poultry recipes flown right to your door with our affordable meal delivery service.


Home Chef provides over a hundred options of this classic favorite ranging in difficulty and spice. Chef favorites like Farmhouse Fried Chicken, Blackened Chicken Salad, and Chicken Pad Thai are sure to please the entire family and leave them asking for more. Get our amazing chicken recipes flown right to your house with our affordable meal delivery service.

Without Soy

We have recipes that will make you exclaim, “oh boy, no soy!” We kept all you soy-free folks in mind when we created delicious recipes such as pesto chicken pizza and Thai red curry shrimp. Try these great meals delivered right to your door, with our meal delivery service.


A variety so good, even Neptune is jealous! We all know the ocean’s cuisine is delicious, but it is also extremely heart healthy and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Feel good about treating your tastebuds to healthy dishes such as feta and herb-crusted salmon and shrimp jambalaya. Use our meal delivery service to make it easy to fit your weekly seafood dishes into your budget.


Lean and mean, pork is the other white meat! Pork is filled with lots of good stuff like iron and potassium, and bonus: it’s super delicious! With dishes such as mojito pork chops and fig-glazed pork tenderloin to choose from, you won’t go hungry when you get these recipes in your meal delivery!

Without Wheat

A lot of us have a finicky relationship with wheat. For those trying to avoid it, you’re in luck! We have plenty of recipes for you from delicious dishes like steak au poivre to exotic fare such as salmon with dill crema when you use meal delivery

Customer Favorites

My, you have great taste! Our customers shared the dishes they enjoyed best and we listened. These meals were handpicked by our customers and curated to provide you with the best of the best. Use Home Chef’s meal delivery service to enjoy tried and true favorites.

Staff Picks

Our chefs create, test, and revise our recipes until they are perfect, then curate a menu for your meal deliveries each week. Yeah, they know what’s up. Taste the team’s favorite meals and you, too, will become a culinary master with Home Chef Meal Delivery.


Where’s the beef? We got it right here! From elegant dishes like truffled demi-glace sirloin steak to more casual fare such as BBQ gouda juicy lucy, you’ll get your red meat fill, for sure. Dive into this satisfying and delicious protein with Home Chef meal delivery service today!

Without Milk

You may avoid lactose but that doesn’t mean you can’t milk our recipes for all their delicious flavor! You definitely will not miss butter or cream when you try our shrimp with tiger sauce or Korean BBQ steak You’ll see that our recipes are rich on their own when you use Home Chef meal delivery service.