NEW Angel Hair Pine Nut Puttanesca

with garlic bread

$9.95 per serving

Prep & Cook Time: 20-30 min.

Cook Within: 7 days

Difficulty Level: Easy

Spice Level: Not Spicy

Contains: Wheat, Tree Nuts

A note about serious food allergies

In Your Box (serves 2)

  • 10 oz. Grape Tomatoes
  • 2 Garlic Clove
  • ¾ oz. Capers
  • 1 oz. Pitted Kalamata Olives
  • 2 Oregano Sprig
  • Info
    1 Mini Baguette
  • Info
    ½ oz. Pine Nuts
  • Info
    6 oz. Angel Hair Pasta
  • 1 Tbsp. Tomato Paste
  • Nutrition (per serving)

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Sodium

Recipe Steps

You Will Need

  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cooking Spray
  • 1 Medium Pot
  • 1 Baking Sheet
  • 1 Colander
  • 1 Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Small Bowl

Before You Cook

  • Step 1 - Prepare the Ingredients

    Prepare the Ingredients

    Finely chop grape tomatoes. Mince garlic. Coarsely chop capers. Rinse olives and halve. Stem and coarsely chop oregano. Halve baguette lengthwise.

  • Step 2 - Make the Sauce

    Make the Sauce

    In a small mixing bowl, combine chopped tomatoes, capers, olives, half the garlic (reserve remaining for garlic bread), and half the oregano (reserve remaining for garnish). Add 2 Tbsp. olive oil and season with ¼ tsp. salt and ¼ tsp. pepper. Stir until well combined and set aside for flavors to marry.

  • Step 3 - Make the Garlic Bread

    Make the Garlic Bread

    Combine 1 Tbsp. olive oil and remaining garlic in a small bowl. Spread on cut sides of baguette, place on prepared baking sheet, and transfer to oven. Bake 5 minutes, remove from oven, and add pine nuts to baking sheet. Bake until bread and pine nuts are toasted, 5-6 minutes. While bread bakes, cook pasta.

  • Step 4 - Cook the Pasta

    Cook the Pasta

    Add pasta to boiling water and cook, stirring often, until al dente, 3-5 minutes. Reserve ½ cup pasta cooking water before draining. Stir tomato paste into reserved water. Drain pasta in colander and return to pot.

  • Step 5 - Finish the Pasta

    Finish the Pasta

    Add tomato mixture and reserved pasta water to pot with cooked pasta. Toss until well combined. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

  • Step 6 - Plate the Dish

    Plate the Dish

    Serve pasta on a plate next to garlic bread. Garnish with pine nuts and remaining oregano.