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Where’s the beef? We got it right here! From elegant dishes like truffled demi-glace sirloin steak to more casual fare such as BBQ gouda juicy lucy, you’ll get your red meat fill, for sure. Dive into this satisfying and delicious protein with Home Chef meal delivery service today!


Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey… or how about Nutella churro French toast? Ooh and buttery chicken and waffles too! When you start your day with Home Chef Meal Delivery , you know you’re in for a day filled with sunshine. Well, you’re in for a delicious breakfast, anyway.

Calorie Conscious

We know what you may be thinking: low-calorie =low-flavor, right? Wrong! Our recipes may be light in calories, but they are heavy hitters when it comes to delicious taste. We make every calorie count in dishes such as our chili-lime steelhead trout and the turkey gyro meatball salad. With Home Chef Meal Delivery, you get food you can feel good about inside and out!


Nothing beats steak for a delicious hearty meal the whole family will love. Whether you’re looking for a blue cheese steak, brasserie steak, sirloin steak, or to rub your steak with coffee grounds, try our meal delivery recipes for all your favorite slabs.


Sip, sip, ahh! Whether you’re greeting the day, returning from the gym, or you just want a refreshing snack, smoothies are the way to go! Speedy and delicious, sip your way to happiness with healthy flavors such as Mango Tango and Strawberry Fields. Feeling fancy? Indulge in decadent delicacies like our Almond Joy and Chai Gingerbread. Let our meal delivery service help your day run smoothly.


Feel good about treating your tastebuds to healthy dishes such as Salmon with Summer Vegetables or Lemon Dill Yogurt Sauce. Use our meal delivery service to make it easy to fit your weekly fish fry into your budget.


Crunchy, fresh, leafy, and light - Home Chef salads are a fantastic way to eat great and feel better. Try the Apple & Chicken Salad, the Crispy Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad, or the Southwestern Shrimp Salad. You’ll love the simplicity and flavors available when you order Home Chef meal delivery.


Looking to switch things up with this classic dish? Still trying to settle the Penne vs. Rigatoni debate? Let our dozens of delicious pasta recipes sooth your soul. From lasagna to linguine, with sausage or sun-drieds, you can't go wrong with our delivery meal service offering classic pasta meals with a twist!


The versatility of shrimp makes it a great choice from coast to coast. Whether spicy or sweet, with butter and grits, or ceviche style, we've got plenty of options to satisfy your cravings. Dive into this satisfying and delicious shellfish with Home Chef meal delivery service today!


Nutritious and full of omega-3 fatty acids, Salmon is a great weeknight choice. Whether you're feeling smoked Salmon, Salmon ina light white wine sauce, or Salmon in garlic - we have it! Put down the fishing pole, and let our affordable meal delivery service bring a fresh catch to your door.


Treat yourself! Whether you’re celebrating or just feeling fancy on a weeknight, we’ll deliver first-class meals right to your door. We’re talking filet mignon with smoked gouda-potato gratin or thick cut lamb chops. So light some candles, bust out the fine china, and look forward to Home Chef Meal Delivery!

Carb Conscious

Not big on starchy sides or bready entrees? No worries! For our low-carb friends, we up the protein and veggies game in dishes like our classic French green peppercorn pork tenderloin and sweet chili chicken lettuce wraps. Get these mouthwatering low-calorie and low-carb eats delivered right to your door with our meal delivery!