Creamy Avocado Pasta

With Roasted Pistachios and Basil

Prep & Cook Time: 25-35 min.

Cook Within: 7 days

Difficulty Level: Easy

Spice Level: Mild

Contains: Wheat, Tree Nuts

Calories Conscious
A note about serious food allergies

Little known fact: Avocados are actually a fruit, not a vegetable, and have been cultivated in South America for over 7000 years. It's said that a Mayan princess ate the first avocado and it possessed magical powers. Well, it's true! Avocados are a great source of fiber and have the power to lower your cholesterol with their monounsaturated fat. It's worth mentioning that when this magical fruit is used to make a creamy pasta sauce studded with savory roasted pistachios, you have a dish to royally enjoy!

In Your Box (serves 2)

  • 5 oz. Grape Tomatoes
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Lemon
  • 3 Basil Sprigs
  • 1 Green Onions
  • 1 Garlic Cloves
  • ½ tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
  • Info
    8 oz. Angel Hair Pasta
  • Info
    ¾ oz. Roasted Pistachios
  • Nutrition (per serving)

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Sodium
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Recipe Steps

You Will Need

  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 Medium Pot
  • 1 Colander
  • 1 Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Medium Pan
  • Step 1 - Prepare the Ingredients

    Prepare the Ingredients

    Bring a medium pot with salted water to a boil. Thoroughly rinse produce and pat dry. Halve grape tomatoes. Halve avocado and remove the pit. Halve and juice lemon. Stack basil leaves, roll them, and slice perpendicular to the roll into thin strips (chiffonade). Trim ends and slice green onion thinly on the bias. Mince garlic and divide in half for use in two steps.

  • Step 2 - Make the Sauce

    Make the Sauce

    In a bowl, scoop out the avocado and combine with half the minced garlic and half the sliced basil. Add lemon juice to taste. Mash with a fork or potato masher until smooth. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper.

  • Step 3 - Saute the Tomatoes

    Saute the Tomatoes

    Warm a medium pan over medium heat. When hot add 1 tsp. olive oil and remaining minced garlic. Cook for 30 seconds, or until aromatic, then add sliced green onions, halved tomatoes, and red pepper flakes (to taste). Cook for 5 minutes, or until tomatoes become blistered and slightly softened. Set aside.

  • Step 4 - Prepare Pasta

    Prepare Pasta

    Add angel hair pasta to pot of boiling water and cook for 6-8 minutes, or until al dente (Italian for "to the tooth", so it still has a little bite to it.)

  • Step 5 - Mix The Pasta

    Mix The Pasta

    Add avocado sauce to the angel hair pasta and toss to combine. If desired, add 1 tsp. olive oil for added richness.

  • Step 6 - Plate


    Place a portion of pasta into a shallow dish. Top with a serving of blistered tomatoes and a sprinkle of roasted pistachios. Garnish with remaining basil, remaining red pepper flakes (to taste), a pinch of salt, and a crack of fresh black pepper.