Caramelized Apple Chutney Pork Chop

with green beans almondine

Prep & Cook Time: 30-40 min.

Cook Within: 6 days

Difficulty Level: Easy

Spice Level: Not Spicy

Contains: Tree Nuts

Calories Conscious
Carb Conscious
A note about serious food allergies

Warm spices, fruit, and the perfect balance of sweet and tart make chutney one of the best accompaniments for summertime meats. And when the meat in question is our lean and juicy pork chops, you have a real winner. Classic green beans sprinkled with toasted sliced almonds round out this new favorite.

In Your Box (serves 2)

  • 1 Yellow Onion
  • 1 Granny Smith Apple
  • 8 oz. Green Beans
  • 3 Parsley Sprigs
  • 16 oz. Bone-in Pork Chops
  • Info
    ½ oz. Sliced Almonds
  • ½ oz. Light Brown Sugar
  • ½ tsp. Ground Cinnamon
  • 1 fl. oz. Apple Cider Vinegar
  • ½ oz. Dried Cranberries
  • Nutrition (per serving)

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Sodium
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Recipe Steps

You Will Need

  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 1 Medium Pot
  • 1 Colander
  • 1 Medium Non-Stick Pan

Before You Cook

  • Step 1 - Prepare the Ingredients

    Prepare the Ingredients

    Halve and peel onion. Cut halves into ¼” dice. Core apple and cut into ½" dice. Trim ends off green beans. Stem and coarsely chop parsley. Rinse pork chops, pat dry, and season both sides with ½ tsp. salt and ¼ tsp. pepper.

  • Step 2 - Toast the Almonds

    Toast the Almonds

    Heat a medium non-stick pan over medium heat. Add almonds to pan and carefully toast 3-4 minutes, or until aromatic and beginning to turn brown.

  • Step 3 - Cook the Green Beans

    Cook the Green Beans

    Add green beans to pot of boiling water and cook 5-6 minutes, or until bright green and fork tender. Drain in colander and return green beans to pot. Add 2 tsp. olive oil and toasted almonds. Cook on low 1-2 minutes, or until green beans are coated in oil and warm throughout. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper. Remove from burner, cover, and set aside.

  • Step 4 - Prepare the Chutney

    Prepare the Chutney

    Place pan from cooking almonds over medium heat with 2 tsp. olive oil. Add ½ cup onion and apples and cook 3-4 minutes, or until apples begin to brown. Add brown sugar and cinnamon. Cook 2-3 minutes, or until brown sugar starts to caramelize on apples. Add apple cider vinegar, half the parsley (reserve remaining for garnish), and cranberries. Cook 1-2 more minutes, or until vinegar is absorbed. Season with a pinch of salt. Remove to a plate and wipe pan clean. You'll likely have leftover onion that can be saved for another use!

  • Step 5 - Cook the Pork Chops

    Cook the Pork Chops

    Return pan used for chutney and 2 tsp. olive oil to medium-high heat. Add pork chops to hot pan and cook 4-5 minutes per side, or until golden brown and chops reach a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees. Remove from pan and let chops rest 5 minutes before serving.

  • Step 6 - Plate the Dish

    Plate the Dish

    Serve green beans on side of plate. Lay pork chop against green beans. Spoon caramelized apple chutney around pork chop and garnish with remaining parsley.