Shrimp Scampi

with cheesy pull-apart bread

$9.95 per serving

Prep & Cook Time: 25-35 min.

Cook Within: 3 days

Difficulty Level: Easy

Spice Level: Mild

Contains: Milk, Wheat, Shellfish, Soy

A note about serious food allergies

The beauty of shrimp scampi lies in its simplicity. Tender, pan-seared shrimp with a garlicky white wine-cream sauce and a nice pile of pasta. Boom. Done. Well, not quite done, because we've upped the ante by including homemade cheddar buttermilk biscuits to make sure you can mop up every last drop of sauce. You'll definitely want to keep this recipe card near the front of your binder so you can make it again and again.

In Your Box (serves 2)

  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • ¼ oz. Parsley
  • 1 Lemon
  • 8 oz. Shrimp
  • 6 oz. Linguine
  • 2 fl. oz. White Cooking Wine
  • 4 fl. oz. Light Cream
  • ¼ tsp. Red Pepper Flakes
  • 2 oz. Shredded Mozzarella
  • 1 Ciabatta Bread Roll
  • Nutrition (per serving)

  • Calories
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Sodium

Recipe Steps

You Will Need

  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cooking Spray
  • 1 Medium Pot
  • 1 Baking Sheet
  • 1 Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Colander
  • 1 Medium Non-Stick Pan

Before You Cook

  • Shrimp Scampi with cheesy pull-apart bread

    Prepare the Ingredients

    Mince garlic. Mince parsley stems and leaves. Quarter lemon lengthwise. Make diagonal cuts into ciabatta 1½" apart, leaving ¼" layer on bottom. Repeat at opposite angle, making a crosshatch pattern. Pat shrimp dry, and season both sides with ¼ tsp. salt and a pinch of pepper.

  • Shrimp Scampi with cheesy pull-apart bread

    Cook Pasta and Bread

    Add pasta to boiling water and cook until al dente, 9-10 minutes. Drain in a colander, return to pot, and toss with 2 tsp. olive oil to prevent sticking. Set aside. While pasta cooks, Place ciabatta on prepared baking sheet and insert cheese into crevices, as evenly as possible throughout bread. Drizzle 1 Tbsp. olive oil. Gather foil into a loose pouch around bread. Bake until cheese is melted, 7-8 minutes. Open pouch and bake until cheese is lightly browned, 2-3 minutes. Remove from oven and set aside. While bread cooks, sear shrimp.

  • Shrimp Scampi with cheesy pull-apart bread

    Sear the Shrimp

    Heat 1 tsp. olive oil in a medium non-stick pan over medium-high heat. Place shrimp in hot pan and cook until golden brown, 2 minutes. Flip shrimp and cook 1 minute. Transfer to a plate. Shrimp will finish cooking in a later step. Reserve pan; no need to wipe clean.

  • Shrimp Scampi with cheesy pull-apart bread

    Make the Sauce

    Heat 2 tsp. olive oil in pan used to sear shrimp over medium heat. Place garlic in hot pan and cook, stirring occasionally, 30 seconds. Add white wine and cook until nearly evaporated. Add cream and cook until slightly thickened, 3-4 minutes. Add shrimp and parsley (reserve a pinch for garnish) and cook until shrimp reaches a minimum internal temperature of 145 degrees, 1 minute. Remove from burner. Season with ¼ tsp. salt and a pinch of pepper.

  • Shrimp Scampi with cheesy pull-apart bread

    Finish the Diah

    Plate dish as pictured on front of card, with a squeeze of lemon wedge, red pepper flakes (to taste), and remaining parsley. Bon appetit!